Thursday, 22 December 2011


Hello, readers.

As Christmas draws near and the goose starts to become nervous as well as fat, I fear I must leave my post for a week or two in order to participate fully in the festivities. I remove my limerick hat in order to done a paper hat from a cracker. I cease to read XKCD and must substitute rib-tickling Christmas cracker jokes.

It is not impossible that I may update irregularly during this period, though I fear that where I am going, reception for my bilberry wireless netting device is likely to be scant. But rest assured as you make merry, or huddle Grinch-like in a high-backed chair, that normal service will be resumed in the early days of 2012.

Until then, merry Christmas, one and all, and do be sure to eat a piece of pudding for me.

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