Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Christmas break

Hello, readers.

I'm going to be spending Christmas in the land where the bong tree grows, eating the turkey that lived on the hill. It promises to be a fine occasion, but it also means that I shall be posting sporadically if at all for the next couple of weeks. I certainly shan't be able to keep pace with the XKCD machine. But I promise many more XKCD limericks in the new year, and I hope the ones already on the site are enough to be going on with in the meantime.

Have a very merry Christmas, one and all!

Classic comic 684 - We Get It

There once was a fellow from Werder
Whose moves for a girl rarely stirred 'er;
Once they did, the matter
Produced endless chatter
And made his friends contemplate murder.

Original comic here.

Classic comic 73 - Zeppelin

There once was a man from Shalott
Whose watch picked him up on the spot.
When others showed noon,
His brought a balloon
At zeppelin o'clock on the dot.

Original comic here.

I'm going to see how many of the classic XKCD comics I can work through. This is a good one, quite close to the spirit of the nineteenth century limericks that originally started the limerick craze that is still raging today.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Comic 836 - Sickness

Diseases and sniffles and itches
Will not send me running to witches:
I stand in defiance
And laud the appliance
Of science - because it works, bitches.

Original comic here.

I apologise for the possibly offensive language, which is merely a reflection of the term used in the comic to which this forms a companion.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Comic 835 - Tree

A festive young fellow from Pyle
Decorated in digital style.
His HEAP and his TREE
So pleased his family
That he'll Christmas elsewhere for a while.

Original comic here.

And a merry Christmas to one and all from Limerixkcd!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Comic 834 - Wikileaks

There once was a group called Anonymous
Whose strength came from being pseudonymous
Till the man they defended
Leaked more than intended
And made them with failure synonymous.

Original comic here.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Comic 833 - Convincing

It can't be the end, oh my lover
I still think that we're in the clover
No, wait! Your graph shows
That our love's at a close -
If you can't label axes, we're over!

Original comic here.

I used an eye-rhyme for this one.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Comic 832 - Tic Tac Toe

A long time ago, noughts and crosses
Resulted in wins, draws and losses
But Randall Munroe
Has now solved tic tac toe
So it's futile to play noughts and crosses.

Original comic here.

Noughts and crosses is the English name for tic tac toe. I've used both names in my limerick to make it fit and rhyme properly.

Comic 831 - Weather Radar

The storm that you see on the screen
May appear to approach force thirteen
But it's only confined
To the weatherman's mind -
He can see you refresh, and he's mean.

Original comic here.

I'm posting like a mad dervish here just to get up-to-date. I expect things will settle down soon, though.

Comic 830 - Genetic Analysis

We've done all the DNA checks
And the answers are likely to vex
Each available test
Has conspired to suggest
That at some point, your parents had sex.

Original comic here.

Comic 740 - The Tell-Tale Beat

Ever since I murdered Daft Punk
And buried their bodies in junk
I've found it astounding
My building's resounding
With monotonous pounding (thunk... thunk...)

Original comic here.

This is the comic that first inspired me to write an XKCD-based limerick, so it's only right that it should be my first post on the new site.


Hello! Edward "Limerick" Lear here!

My favourite comic here on the Internet is XKCD - www.xkcd.com. I like it so much that sometimes, it inspires me to write one of my trademark limerick poems - and I'm going to be posting some of them for you to read, right here on this Web page!

Here's one to start us off for now:

A comic called XKCD
Had lots of appeal for me!
So I started this site
Where I'm going to write
Limericks about XKCD.

There are plenty more where that came from, so do check back to read more limericks, exclusively about the comic XKCD, in the future.

I am not affiliated with XKCD.