Sunday, 6 January 2013

Comic 1147 - Evolving

It ain’t what you’d really call glamorous
When staphylococcus get amorous
But the methi-solution
That their evolution
Provides makes the nurses all clamorous.

Original comic here.

Comic 1146 - Honest

When people ask you to be honest
Their countenance will go the wanest
If their rash desire
Should find a complier;
It’s what no one wants, to be honest.

Original comic here.

Comic 1145 - Sky Color

Let’s go ask a scientist guy
To account for the blue in the sky.
The light wavelengths short
Get through as they ought
But it isn’t violet, though. WHY?

Original comic here.

Comic 1144 - Tags

<div>There once was a man from Japan
Who thought there was nothing worse than
Web code, short or long,
With tags that match wrong.
But who cares what that guy thinks?</span>

Original comic here.

Comic 1143 - Location

If what you might bluntly call nerds
Turn up at your house in their herds
Then some online game
Is likely to blame
That’s just as daft as Angry Birds.

Original comic here.


Hello, readers!

I am terribly sorry to have been away for so long. I got stuck on the limerick to number 1143, then a couple more rushed by and before I knew which way was sideways, it was Christmas and I was off on my annual cruise with the Jumblies.

But now I am back. I have five limericks to post in short order, and I fully expect to have caught up with Mr XKCD before the end of the next Mayan calendar cycle.

Let the posting... BEGIN!