Friday, 29 July 2011

Comic 931 - Lanes

Recovering from the Big C
You realise you'll never be free.
Some lanes quickly veer
To the side, some are clear
And you don't know in which one you'll be.

Original drawing here.

Apologies if the above seems rather uncomfortable. Is a limerick the best form for discussing serious illness? Clearly not. But this is Limerixkcd, so if xkcd turns serious I can only darken my light verse as best I can.


  1. You could equally well ask, is a usually humorous stick figure comic the best form for discussing serious illness.

  2. I tend to take each XKCD edition as a standalone piece, and I think this one actually does well at giving the subject due gravitas. The stark black and white helps, and the stick figure is surprisingly versatile (as I hope the limerick may prove to be).