Thursday, 7 July 2011

Away to sea

Hello, readers!

I have booked a short summer holiday with Jumblie Cruises. That means that I will not be able to give immediate attention to the next few XKCD comic installments. However, assuming the vessel is seaworthy (as I have been assured that it is) I will be back the week after next, ready to catch up with the comics and compile a second "Readers' Limericks" post as well.

Enjoy your week, as I'm sure I will enjoy mine,

Edward "Limerick" Lear


  1. 922. When you analyse films in the pub,
    be careful or you'll get the snub.
    If you want to stay cool,
    then remember the rule,
    and do not talk about Fight Club.

  2. 924.

    It never, alas, takes that long
    For technology use to go wrong.
    The power to print
    Will be just used to mint
    A sixteen-inch Bakelite dong.