Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Comic 903 - Extended Mind

An eminent man from Zagreb
Once kept his whole brain on the web.
He felt pretty flash
Till the servers went crash
And pop! Now he's not a celeb.

Original comic here.


  1. A bookish young fellow from Split
    Relied on the net for his wit
    When Wiki went down
    He looked such a clown -
    It turned out he knew diddly-squit.

  2. Well, I knew a man from Pristina
    Who thought he could fix his Cortina.
    The web crashed; cue panic
    He called a mechanic
    Who, of course, took him right to the cleaner.

  3. He sounds like the man from Belgrade
    Who thinks that he has it all made
    He uses computers
    To fix up car bootas
    While his war crimes tribunal's delayed