Monday, 30 May 2011

Before there was Limerixkcd

Not everyone will know that the idea for this site came from musings in the comments to the blog "XKCD Sucks" (whose views I don't necessarily share or endorse, but which has certainly provided a forum for lively discussion).

Somebody pointed out that the first line of Comic 740, about Daft Punk sounded like the start of a limerick. That gave me the idea to write companion limericks to XKCD comics, and here we are.

Before I got the site going, though, I used to post my creations in the comments to XKCD Sucks posts. Now valued Limerixkcd reader Ann Apolis, to whom great thanks are due, has been kind enough to collate those original limericks, so I can share them with the completists among you. Without further ado...

Comic 751 - Swimsuit Issue
We spend our time trying to stop teenies
From looking at chicks in bikinis
But the web generation
Sees double penetration
Every day, so let's go drink bellinis

Comic 752 - Phobia
- That snake! I think it just hissed! Aaargh!
- We're all scared of something, my sister
So let's go reprise
Thelma and Louise
But if it was mixed up with Twister

Comic 753 - Southern Half
Hey you, the man in the white houthe
Before you shoot off your big mouth
Please do be so kind
As to switch on your mind -
The Mid East is nowhere near the south!

Comic 754 - Dependencies
Course CPSC Four Three Two
Will make each dependency issue
Disappear in a sec
And there's just one prereq:
Course CPSC Four Three Two

Comic 759 - 3X9
So what's three times nine? This looks fun...
Well nine equals root eighty-one...
And blurring my vision
I take root for division...
So that's... twenty seven? I'm done!

Comic 761 - DFS
I've got a date! Now, what's the worst
That could happen? Snakes, lightning, a burst
Appendix... [Hours roll
Down a wiki black hole]
I've got to stop searching depth first!

Comic 835 - Tree
If your major's CS then you'll see
That there's more than one heap, ditto tree.
If you try to combine
These around Christmas time
Then your parents will groan - so will we!

Comic 846 - Dental Nerve
We know Ke$ha's lifestyle is mental
But she should look after her dental
Hygiene - using whiskey
Might make her sound frisky
But the price in the long term's not gentle.


  1. My favourite out of these is the one for 3x9. =)

    I am in awe of your limerick-writing prowess. You have some real quality content here... keep it up!

  2. Thought I'd throw in another from the peanut gallery. This is 676.

    It takes three or four billion clocks
    to run YouTube on Flash on Firefox.
    How does it devour
    all this processing power
    just to watch a few cats in a box?

  3. 562. When I asked why my friend had an arc
    welder on the back seat of his Merc,
    he replied "It's a laugh
    to cut cars in half
    if they've taken two spaces to park"

  4. Great to see more people joining in. Look out for another "Readers' limericks" post in a few weeks' time, if the standard keeps up.