Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Readers' limericks I

Of course I like reading all your kind comments on this site, but the best ones are when readers post limericks of their own. So what better way to celebrate my hundredth post than to bring six of the best up above the comment line for the first time?

First, three limericks inspired by XKCDs that I haven't covered yet:

Comic 123 - Centrifugal Force, by Shadowphiar

Do you really expect me to try
to substitute terms on the fly
finding force as you claim
in a rotating frame?
"No, Bond, I expect you to die."

Comic 764 - One Two, by Emily

Sesame Street would be crazy,
Done by primitive folks who are hazy
On numbers. Count: "One!"
With "Two! Many!" he's done.
Zing! Anthropology students are lazy!

Comic 631 - Anatomy Text, by Ann Apolis

Why can't we just have a nice meal?
But no, over there - yes, it's real
Meg and Randy, both nude
Snapping film through their food
...I don't want to know where he stored that reel.

And now three excellent alternate limericks to my posts, all by regular friend of the site Ann Apolis:

Comic 724 - Hell

In Hades I watch every block
Fall down just like Sisyphus' rock.
Should this drive me beserk?
Well, it surely won't work -
...the floor's semicircular. Cock.

Comic 867 - Herpetology

There was a young birdist of Shimla
Said "Lizards and newts may look sim'lar
But they're actually not -
Herpetology's rot"
Said the herpists "You're worse than Herr Himmler!"

Comic 149 - Sandwich

A sandwich or sanger or sarnie
Is yours if you've got the right blarney
Just treat some a-hole
Like a Linux console
(bug: won't work for a lamb biriani)

Well done, everybody, and keep the limericks coming.

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  1. So apparently I overuse dashes, ellipses and swearwords :P

    The centrifugal force limerick of Shadowphair's is absolutely fantastic. Much kudos.