Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Comic 885 - Recycling

Some hard-working chaps earn their cash
By sorting out all of our trash
So when you recycle
Please don't take the Michael
And clean off your beans and your mash.

Original comic here.


  1. Down at the recycling centre
    There's folks working hard for their rent-a.
    If you're one of those douches
    Giving them half-washed juices
    They have to clean more than they're meant-a.

  2. Excellent - I like your use of "ingenious rhyming" lately.

    This would be a good poetry topic for primary school teachers, I think, to get the children in good habits.

  3. It took me ages to write that one, because originally the second line as "They judge all the rubbish they're sent-a", and it took me a while to realise that really didn't work.

    Yes, there is something of the public information film about these limericks :)