Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Comic 1014 - Car Problems

There once was a man from Missouri
Whose car went up, hotter than curry.
Burnt out, boot to bonnet
And to put the cap on it
The pic he took came out all blurry.

Original comic here.

I'm going to admit to using half-rhyme in this one, although if you are lucky enough your accent may manouevre them all into the same rhyme-space.

Of course, the man from Missouri himself would say "burnt out, trunk to hood". And he might not eat very much curry. And in all probability, he could have access to superior photographic equipment, which he might very well use rather adeptly. So really, this whole limerick is complete fantasy.


  1. In my accent (California) all the rhymes are perfect.

    1. How fortuitous. I wonder how much the top poets think about the effect of regional accents on their rhymes.