Saturday, 20 August 2011

Readers' limericks II

Hello, readers!

I find myself invited to a wedding. Between you and me, the couple seem rather ill-matched, although they do share an interest in sailing and have a boat of a very fetching colour. I shan't be away for a year and a day, but you might find a week's gap in my posting.

In the meantime, allow me to share some of the best limericks from the comments in the last few months, in this slightly overdue second installment of Readers' limericks. This time we have four from Ann Apolis and two from Shadowphiar, fine limericks all.

Comic 893 - 65 Years, by Ann Apolis

I'll tell you what fills me with sorrow
(so join, if you will, in my wallow:)
It'll be pretty soon
None alive walked the Moon
Though it's forty-two years post Apollo

Comic 896 - Marie Curie, by Ann Apolis

In science, the thing that most vexes
Is drama surrounding our sexes.
'All women are Curieous'
- it drives me quite furious!
There's more to their work than two Xs.

Comic 676 - Abstraction, by Shadowphiar

It takes three or four billion clocks
to run YouTube on Flash on Firefox.
How does it devour
all this processing power
just to watch a few cats in a box?

Comic 562 - Parking, by Shadowphiar

When I asked why my friend had an arc
welder on the back seat of his Merc,
he replied "It's a laugh
to cut cars in half
if they've taken two spaces to park"

Comic 906 - Advertising Discovery, by Ann Apolis

This may look like spam but it's true
It's proven by science [1][2]
You know it's no lie
cause it's succeeded by
Square-bracketed numbers in blue

Comic 928 - Mimic Octopus, by Ann Apolis

A very ingenious octopus
Has talent to mimic or mocktopus -
"Is this fish? Oh my God!"
"It's a cephalopod!"
(It causes considerable shocktopus!)

Well done once again, and do keep the limericks coming.

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  1. Hmm, even your news posts look a lot like limericks! It just needed slightly different opening lines...

    Please do not consider this boasting,
    but a wedding I'll shortly be toasting.
    I shan't be away
    for a year and a day,
    but you'll find a week's gap in my posting.