Friday, 12 August 2011

Comic 937 - TornadoGuard

Five stars tell me "killer app"
And one star tells me "total crapp"
But averaged reviews
Can only confuse
Wiping valuable views off the map.

Original comic here.


  1. When someone says "average" there's three
    Types, but it's "mean" it'll be.
    But that average, you see
    Apes the majority
    And ignore those who might disagree.

    Are they allowed to all rhyme with each other? When did that become OK?

  2. Also it helps if you can conjugate verbs correctly. *ignores.

  3. I think it's OK, but not desirable unless the subject matter makes it particularly apt. My humble suggestion would be:

    But that average, you'll note
    Apes majority vote.

  4. Ah yes, that works a lot better.