Monday, 7 March 2011

Comic 869 - Server Attention Span

Request any page from the server
And it will assist you with fervour
But smartphones will find
That they get left behind -
The request slips its mind, by Minerva!

Original comic here.

And who among us hasn't, at one time or another, called upon a Roman goddess in our online frustration?


  1. My smartphone, it sought and it strove
    For the page that I asked for; it dove
    Deep into the site
    But try as it might
    It could get just the front page, by Jove!

  2. While pursuing some prime-cut prosciutto
    A homepage bid me benvenuto
    But the senile old server
    Would let me no furver
    Perplexed by my palmtop, by Pluto!

    (Do keep these excellent replies coming)

  3. This website malarkey's right tough
    cos my mobile internet's guff.
    Just the homepage? My stars!
    Curse you Merc, Venus, Mars!
    [One Roman god's just not enough.]