Thursday, 1 August 2013

Calling it a day

Hello, readers!

You might have noticed that I haven't posted a limerick here for over six months. This is not because I have been away in the land where the bong tree grows (they have wifi there anyway), but because my XKCD limerick labours have reached a natural conclusion.

So, after getting on for 400 posts, I am formally bringing Limerixkcd's active days to a close. The site will stay here and is quite searchable, so do have a look and see whether there's a limerick for your favourite XKCD comic. Your odds are actually reasonable, though ever-decreasing as the overall number of comics continues to rise implacably.

If there isn't one for your comic of choice, why not write it yourself? If you do, be sure to drop me a line.

Bye bye for now,

Edward "Limerick" Lear

I've given you your final hit
Of XKCD quasi-wit.
This labour of love
Now hovers above
The line that I've drawn under it.

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