Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Comic 1079 - United Shapes

Iowa's a sandwich deluxe
While Ohio's pants; Cali sucks.
But OK's panhandle
And the rest will net Randall
Minnesota: a bundle of bucks.

Original comic here.


  1. "Ed Lear's such a cynic!" "Damn straight!
    These simulacra of each U.S. state
    Form a comic so cool
    That only a fool
    Would think it were just poster bait!"

  2. (The views you'll undoubtedly see
    If you cast your eyes upwards from me
    Are just those of a minion
    And don't match the opinion
    Of Ann Apolis, the M.D.)

  3. This one is a spiffing poster, though. The bundle of bucks is well deserved.