Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Comic 1052 - Every Major's Terrible

Philosophy's rigour is puny
But maths is so abstract it's looney.
A baboon could do business
And chem is just fizziness
So what am I doing at uni?

Original comic here.

Really, I ought to continue this to cover everything in the song in the comic. But I'm already late in posting. We'll see...


  1. A lit major's job prospects are smallish,
    And art history's all useless knowledge
    Comm's for underachievers'
    (who should be basket weavers)
    So what am I doing in college?

    Biology's gross and uncool,
    Social psych? No, I'm not a fool!
    This choice is unbearable,
    All majors are terrible,
    So what am I doing in school?

  2. I'm the anon from earlier-- couldn't log in...

    Seismology's laden with bugs,
    Theology? Logic on drugs,
    What you get from CS,
    Is paren-induced stress,
    And virology earns you no hugs.

    IT makes you fight with PCs,
    Geog's slowed physics with trees,
    Physics means fun and sex?
    No-- check those redirects,
    And put me as "undeclared," please.

    Study history, face repetition
    Of teaching it-- unhappy condition!
    My plans are in tatters,
    But what really matters,
    Is that all majors can go to perdition!

    Maybe I'll think of more later... or someone else will want to pick it up?

  3. This is really excellent. I'm always delighted to see readers' limericks, and never more so than now.